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One Group of  British Scientists

One Group of
British Scientists

...and a poor little black kitten

Drawings, story & layout: Jup

First episode:"Help me, SuperCostello, you're my only hope!"


Usually, any story that begins with «A Group of British Scientists» ends up being a good joke. Not this time...


Looks like I'm in big trouble.

I was kidnapped, I'm in a cage, and all the syringes and tubes around me do not predict anything good.


I am in a GBS (Group of British Scientists) laboratory, where they intend to do some experiments on me.

How do I know that? I am a black cat and can read people’s minds.

Ivette - british scientist

But let me introduce you the members of the GBS cell:

Ivette, romanian, Computers Sciences graduate from Iasi University, and later specialized in mathematics and neuro sciences.

James - british scientist

James, 100% british, in charge with IT stuff, passionate about basketball

Karl - british scientist

Karl, german origin, naturalized in UK, specialist in biochemistry

Boris - british scientist

Boris, British, phD in management, is good at ...aaaa... well, he is the Group's manager.

Official Project

What are they researching about?

Officially, their project is:

Black Cats Influence over Betplayers Luck

which, when publicly presented, was greatly appreciated by British citizens (who are very fond of any kind of bets) and, as a result, received extremely generous funds from the Government.

Official Project

In reality the Group has a special mission - to create a genetically modified virus that will make EU very soft and submissive in the BREXIT negotiations!

A regular cat and TOXO virus

And why would they need a cat to create that virus?

Because they will create it by altering an existing one - toxoplasma - known for drastically alter the behavior of those infected. And cats are the perfect carrier for this virus.

Hello, I am TOXO and I travel with cats!


According to Scientific American magazine, toxoplasmosa makes mice to love their enemies - the cats.

Toxoplasma virus hacking rat's brain

The virus hacks mouse’s brain (like a digital virus) and totally modifies his behavioral pattern.

Mouse runs from cat, mouse runs toward cat

Normally, mice run wildly from cats.

But when infected with toxoplasma, the mouse starts to loves cats odors and he’s looking for cats company.

Mouse runs from cat, mouse runs toward cat

Scientists believe that the change takes place in that brain area responsible for sexual attraction. So, in fact, the mouse is sexually attracted to cats.

Mouse runs from cat, mouse runs toward cat

Finally, the mouse ends up in cat’s belly, and that’s exactly what the virus wanted in the first place. Because the virus can only reproduce in the intestines of a cat.


How did I arrived in UK?

Like all the romanians, at some point I went to western Europe, looking for a better living.

Ozzy with eldery cats in Syracuse

First I went to Italy semi-legally, where, for a while, I took care of some retired cats in Syracuse, Sicily.

Ozzy, bouncer in night club in Germany - Kinky Katze

Then a friend arranged for us to move to Germany, where I worked as a nightclub bodyguard.

Nice Estate in UK

After a while, another friend told me life in the UK is better.

Ozzy and Pierre in front of a villa

I moved there and I’ve start working in real estate.

Business meeting with Ozzy and Pierre

With my old friend Pierre (formely known as Petrica), we were selling and buying real estate, at "the right price".

Mice ocupying the villa

We looked for houses on the market for sale, and when we found one, Pierre and his employees would move in that house

Horrified guest, visiting the infested villa

Every time a potential buyer will visit the house, Pierre and his employees will ostentatious show up...

Ozzy in his van Black Panther Rodent Exterminator

The seller has two options - either to call me with my Rodent Exterminator Team...

Ozzy leaving the villa in his van

...and for a very expensive fee I get rid of the mice (in truth I only have to ask Pierre)...

Range Rover leaving the sold villa

...or, after a lot of unsuccesfull visits from potential buyers, the seller has to drastically cut down the price, the house becomes a bargain and then some friends of mine will eventually buy it...

Pierre and his mice leaving the villa

Afterwards Pierre and his fellows will leave the house and then we sell the house at a bigger price - the right price of the market.

Pierre being nice to Ozzy

That’s actually how I got in trouble - a scientist interested to sell a house saw me with Pierre and believed Pierre had toxoplasma (‘cause he was to nice to me).

Ozzy eats Pierre

He let me to “eat” Petrica (just a little play me and Petrica we usually perform for the unsuspicious clients)...

Boris takes Ozzy

...and then he grabbed me and took me to his lab.

Ozzy in Laboratory

I am a cat with a lot of life experience and I know this time I don’t have a single chance to esccape. SuperCostello is my only hope.

Ozzy sends telepathic message to Costello

I'm concentrating to send him a telepathic message: "Please come to my rescue, Costello."

...to be continued

(Note: when this story will end, a printed version will be available on Amazon)

SuperCostello in action

But who is SuperCostello? - www.supercostello.eu